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Step Into Fitness

Step into Fitness


What is Step into Fitness?

Step into Fitness is a FREE self-guided walking program for all IU Faculty/Staff.  You recieve a free pedometer, tracking sheet and lots of support from the Rec Sports staff along the way!


Who is eligible?
All IUB faculty and staff. Please note, as a past participant of Step into Fitness you are automatically registered to participate again this time.

Have your own pedometer? Join the program by printing the Step Tracker and the Food Tracker from or stop by Recreational Sports Member Services at either School of Public Health-Bloomington or the SRSC.

Participants can sign up by visiting the SRSC or WIC Member Services desk. Bring your IUID and the member service associate will scan your ID and give you your FREE step tracker and pedometer.


Participants Receive

  • a free pedometer
  • nutrition and physical activity tips
  • a step/nutrition tracker and
  • incentive to get moving!


    How many steps do I need?
    There is no maximum or minimum. However, challenge yourself to walk as much as you can based on these guidelines:

    • GOOD 6,000 steps/day 42,000 steps/week
    • BETTER 8,000 steps/day 56,000 steps/week
    • EXCELLENT 10,000 steps/day 70,000 steps/week

    Remember that the number of steps above is meant to motivate you to walk more everyday. Don't be discouraged if you find that you walk fewer than 6,000 steps/day. Knowing the number of steps you get should help you feel motivated to walk more. Focus on trying to reach your personal goals. There is no minimum number of steps required. Just give it a try and do your best.

    All participants registered by May 26 will receive weekly motivational e-mails and will qualify to win weekly incentives.

    Finish the twelve-week log, submit a copy in person, by campus mail, or by fax to the SRSC Rm. 115 by 5 PM on August 24, 2014.


    Ways to add more steps to your day: 

    • Park further away from your building - not a problem at IU!
    • Walk to lunch - choose a location further away to boost your step count
    • Walk to meetings
    • Have a walking meeting
    • Take the stairs
    • Take a step group exercise session (45 min. = 4000 steps!)
    • Go for after dinner strolls in your neighborhood
    • Take the longest route to your destination


    Running and Walking Routes

    Map 1
    Map 2
    Map 3

    Disclaimer: IU Campus Recreational Sports and the author of this route make no warranties as of the conditions, safety, distance, accuracy, or suitability for running and walking of this route. Run/walk at your own risk!

    Please contact the program coordiantor at or 812-855-7772 for more information.

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