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Special Sessions

Looking for a little variety? Want to try something new? Check out our fitness Special Sessions. Special Sessions are our way of experimenting with sessions that you don't normally see on our schedule. If you love it, maybe we'll add it permanently in the future. No registration necessary, all you need is your student ID or RS Membership Card.

Special Sessions

Barre to the Beat

Sunday October 5th  |  3:30-4:30pm  |  MS3  |  Katie

Description:This session is designed to effectively strengthen, tone and balance the entire body while working to the beat of the music. For 60 minutes, you will experience a pleasant blend of ballet barre technique and core strengthening movements. Focusing specifically on form and precision, you will perform small isometric movements emphasizing alignment, foundation, and specific muscle actions. While targeting all of the major muscles used during ballet, you will work on enhancing your muscular endurance, balance, core strength and stability.  No previous dance or ballet experience required.


Sunday November 16th  |  3:30-4:30pm  |  MS3  |  Kayla

Description:This session is a Pilates/Yoga fusion for all flexibility and fitness levels. This format incorporates core strengthening movements inspired by Pilates with a stability and flexibility sequence similar to Yoga. Enhance your performance by learning how to relax, improve flexibility, and develop core fundamentals through this unique hour long session." 

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