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Session Descriptions


Trekking-45: Our indoor treadmill-based session that utilizes the treadmill while incorporating the challenge of interval training. Our leader coaches you through a combination of hill and speed intervals on the treadmill that are varied to achieve personal health and fitness success. Fantastic for walkers and runners alike.




Zumba-45: A Latin-inspired dance-fitness session that incorporates Latin and international music with dance moves. The routines feature interval style training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that keep you moving to the beat! You don't need to know how to dance to have fun in this session!


Cardio Hip Hop-45: This session is definitely a dance party that provides continuous cardio using current music and hip hop moves. Come ready to dance and sweat. If you like Zumba, you’ll love this one too!


NEW! Hip Hop Step-45:  Fusing together Hip Hop and Step moves, this dance-fitness session will literally step up your workout! With a similar structure to Cardio Hip Hop, all moves are choreographed to the latest and greatest hip hop hits while incorporating the step bench and moves you would see in a step session. No step experience necessary, this session’s all about having fun!



Cardio Core-60: Your favorite core session combined with 30 min. of simple cardio combos choreographed to music create a complete workout. The level of intensity is what you make it!



Cardio Kickboxing-30/45: Designed to introduce technique and basic movements such as jabs, crosses, and kicks. Great for the new participant or those looking for a quick and effective workout.


Cardio Kick & Core-60: For those looking to fit both cardio and strength training into the same session, this includes 30 min. of kickboxing followed by 20-25 min. of core work.



Body Bar Strength-45: Participants love this session! A full body conditioning class that uses weighted bars to improve muscle tone, strength and endurance while utilizing proper form and technique. This session will increase your heart rate while challenging every muscle in your body.


Core-30: A favorite of our participants, this session focuses on all the muscles that will help you improve overall core strength, posture, decrease back pain, and increase stabilization.


Core Stretch-45: This combines our popular Core format with 15-20 minutes of relaxing and effective stretching techniques that will increase your range of motion and leave you feeling stress-free.


HIIT-30, High Intensity Interval Training: The ultimate cardio and strength workout! This session will incorporate interval training to keep your heart rate elevated while giving you a full body strength workout at the same time. This session is meant for those who are looking for a challenge. Come ready to work!


Strength Core-45: Want a full body toning experience? This session targets every major muscle group using weights, stability balls and resistance tubes, spending extra time focusing on the core muscles.


Total Body Conditioning-60: This session focuses on total body muscular strength and conditioning with interspersed cardio intervals. Come prepared to work hard and be challenged.


Yoga I-60: Learn the basic postures, breathing techniques and sun salutations. Work on finding new energy and balance and while enhancing both your physical and mental wellness. All levels welcome.


Yoga Beats-60:  Enjoy a more lighthearted yoga practice in this upbeat session. Experience the same great yoga poses and flow of sequences that you would in a Yoga I while accompanied by a more lively and energetic playlist. All levels welcome.




Boot Camp-45: Achieve your fitness goals with this high-energy, drill-based, interval session! Your agility, strength, cardiovascular fitness and core stabilization will be challenged through body-weight and equipment-based drills led by our motivating leaders. Weather permitting, portions of this session may be held outdoors.



Buoyancy belts are provided for all of these sessions.

Deep Water Exercise-45: Work on enhancing your cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength while experiencing the benefits of non-weight bearing exercise in this water-based session. Buoyancy belts are provided to help you float, enabling you to perform the water exercises to your maximum potential. 




Step I-45: New to step? This session's for you. A cardiovascular workout using the step bench with simple and fun moves choreographed to music.


Step I/II-45: Similar to Step I, this session incorporates slightly more advanced choreography and moves while using the step bench to create the ultimate cardiovascular workout.


Step Core I-45: Our basic step session followed by 20-25 minutes of core strengthening exercises and stretching to round out a complete workout.


Step II-45: Looking to step it up a notch? Our intermediate/advanced step session is designed with more intricate, yet fun choreography. Be ready to challenge your mind and your body simultaneously! All steppers welcome but previous step experience is recommended.

February 23 Inner Beauty, Inner Peace Yoga, 6-7pm, SRSC MS1

February 24 Tank Yourself Giveaway, 7p-8pm, SRSC Cardio/Circuit Gym

February 25 Rock What You've Got Hip Hop Session, 8:30-9:15pm, SRSC MS1

February 26 Pedal for Positivity CycleFit, 5:45-6:30pm, SRSC CycleFit Studio