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Session Descriptions


Yoga I-60: Learn the basic postures, breathing techniques and sun salutations.  Work on finding new energy and balance and while enhancing both your physical and mental wellness.  All levels welcome.


Afternoon Acoustic Flow-60: Enjoy your favorite yoga flow session designed to your favorite acoustic tunes.  This session is perfect for anyone looking for a gentle yet flowing yoga session. Song suggestions and all ability levels welcome!


Yoga I/II-60:   This session is meant for those looking to take their foundational yoga practice to the next level.  Slightly more advanced poses will be introduced while emphasizing form and posture throughout. Great for those looking to heighten their yoga practice and experience.


Yoga II -60: Continue to progress to the next level in your yoga practice with more advanced postures and breathing techniques. This format will challenge the body and mind to reach new heights in your personal yoga journey.


Yoga Play-60: Looking to explore your yoga practice with a session that will make you think outside the mat?  This session incorporates traditional yoga poses with some unexpected transitions and variations that are sure to put you in a playful mood! Come with an open mind and smile and you're good to go!


Sunrise Yoga-60: Greet the day with an invigorating morning practice as we bring the sun up and awake your body and mind.  Focusing on balance, flexibility, flowing postures and breath, this session is accessible to all levels.


Slow Flow-60: In this session we will turn the intensity of Vinyasa Flow down a notch and move through flowing sequences at a slower, gentler pace. This practice will offer space for more mindful transitions between postures and the opportunity to work within the poses, establish healthy alignment and explore variations. This session is perfect for someone looking to release tension and unwind with movement, breath and calm energy.


Power Vinyasa-60: This session incorporates flowing sequences and dynamic standing poses to build strength and stamina.  Using breath and movement synergistically, this session is moderately paced but is suitable for beginners, athletes and advanced enthusiasts looking for a quicker-paced yoga session.


Yin Yoga-60: The perfect complement to our fast-paced yang world. Yin is a slow-moving yoga practice; it is passive, tranquil and still.  In this this session, postures will be held for a longer duration to help the muscles relax, softening the connective tissue and allowing the ligaments to be restored to a healthy mobility.  As our bodies become more elastic, we ultimately become calmer and our energy is restored.  Surrender, relax and restore with yin yoga!


Yoga/Pilates Fusion-60: Experience the best of both worlds with this session!  A variety of yoga poses and sequences are coupled with Pilates strengthening exercises to create a relaxing yet rejuvenating mind-body connection while enhancing overall strength, balance and flexibility.



Barre & Mat: A fun and flowing blend of ballet barre technique and dynamic core strengthening movements! While targeting the major core muscles used during ballet barre warm-ups, work on enhancing your muscular endurance, improving balance, core strength and stability.  No previous dance or ballet experience required.


Pilates I:  A popular fitness trend, Pilates strengthens core postural muscles of the abdominals and lower back, as well as the chest, upper back, shoulders, and glutes. Focused and controlled exercises create long, lean, and flexible muscles. Detailed instruction on alignment will be given in this session, and small equipment may be introduced.


Pilates II: This multi-level Pilates session will be structured to meet the needs of both new and veteran participants. Various pieces of equipment will be utilized to add resistance and intensity for those who are ready.  The leader will use specific form cues to assist participants and ensure that all participants will feel successful.


Pilates Power Sculpt: Boost your workout with this Pilates conditioning session. Toning balls, Pilates rings, bands and weights will be used while sitting, standing, kneeling and lying down. This powerful session will sequence movements efficiently to achieve whole body strength, balance and control. All levels looking for a challenge welcome.


Pilates Reformer-60: These sessions utilize a specialized piece of equipment, that has been made famous for its ability to work every muscle in the body while connecting each exercise to the core.  With no more than 6 participants in a session, leader will cue the group through proper form and control, ensuring balanced, equally trained muscles.


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