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Bianca Baker [ view my page ]
 Bianca Baker For me, fitness is a way to enhance the various aspect of life. As improvements in strength, flexibility, and balance are experienced, other aspects of your life will also receive the benefits. As a trainer, I hope to bring a program to you that makes your life as enjoyable and effortless as possible.
  Brooke  Borneman [ view my page ]
Brooke Borneman

Every person is different and that’s why every person needs specific workouts tailored to their wants and needs. This is why I believe the most important part to personal training is getting to know you and finding out what will benefit you the most. When we find the perfect workouts for your individual needs, adherence is easy and your goals can be attained. I will find out what motivates you and use this information to help you push yourself harder than before. Education will always be provided so that you will gain knowledge that can always be carried with you to motivate and train on your own.

 Madeline Burns  [ view my page ]
I believe exercise is vitally important and should be seen as a part of life, rather than a means to an end. Being physically fit improves one’s overall well being and has innumerable benefits. My goal is to expose the fun side of exercise through a diverse fitness regime that incorporates a blend of traditional and functional training. I can design fun and efficient programs that are tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences. I also aim to serve as an information resource; my broad knowledge of fitness and wellness allows me to provide tips and tricks for living a healthy life in and out of the gym.
Nick Dukes [ view my page ]
Nick As we move forward in life, health and our overall wellbeing becomes an important aspect.  It’s important to set goals in which we can reach so we are successful and continue to grow.  As a trainer I will connect with you and help guild you to find your goals with fitness.  It’s important to me to build that strong relationship with my clients as I put together programs where you will succeed and improve your overall health.  I’m excited to work with you and hear your goals; I will work with you to insure you are able to reach them and continue to guide you in setting more.   Let’s start our journey together and find that right exercise plan for you!
 KC Forthofer [ view my page ]
KC Forthofer

Starting an exercise program begins with determining your individualized fitness goals.  Are you training for a specific event or wanting to improve your health and wellness? I’ve spent many years training and racing in a variety of events and sports and it gave me a great base of fitness knowledge.   Your goals may not be about running to beat a time or seeing how many reps you can lift. High intensity training isn’t for everyone and it doesn’t have to be.  Regardless of our specific fitness goals, we can all strive for a long-term improvement in our quality of life. Incorporating changes to your weekly routine can make huge improvements in how you feel on a daily basis.   I can help you find activities to keep you motivated and passionate about fitness, help you create goals that are achievable and meaningful, and teach you fitness basics you can use for a lifetime.

Jared Hamilton [ view my page ]
Jared Hamilton

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to be fit and healthy. It is my responsibility to do everything in my power to help you not only meet, but to exceed your health and fitness goals.

Jane Freeman [ view my page ]
Jane Freeman

Physical fitness has an integral effect on a person's life. My job is to help you learn ways to improve your fitness levels to enhance your daily activities and leisure time pursuits. Education is an important tool in equipping you to understand and get the most out of your fitness program. I may have been in your shoes at some point in time, as a student, parent of a student, working woman and more. Now I have come to a period in my life that I have the time to devote to helping others work toward their fitness goals. I have dealt with overcoming injuries myself and can be attuned to your obstacles. I believe that together we can implement an evolving program that is tailored to your needs.

Celena Handojo [ view my page ]
 Celena Handojo

Success in strength, movement, health, or just overall well-being is within grasp but it is not easy.  Success is not complicated; it is a combination of dedication, effort, and making the right choices.  EVERYONE is capable of achieving greatness and I am here to help guide you to it. 

Heather Lake [ view my page ]
Heather Lake

As someone who struggled with weight issues I know the impact that fitness can have on someone’s entire life. I want to be a part of your movement towards better health and discovering your inner greatness. Let me share my experience, knowledge and enthusiasm with you and we can change your life one small triumph at a time.

Jon Moore [ view my page ]
Jon Moore

I believe that fitness is the pursuit of becoming the best person you can be, both physically and mentally.  I believe that fitness should be a priority in everyone’s lives; working to make yourself stronger, faster, and happier is something that everyone can enjoy.

Mike Rogers [ view my page ]
Mike Rogers Better fitness means better health, which means a better life. Everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes, can improve their fitness, and my job is to help you learn and practice ways to enhance all aspects of your life through improving your health and fitness. What does improvement mean to you? Sports performance? More energy and better relaxation and sleep? Clearer thinking? Weight control? Or just the self-esteem of doing something good for yourself? When we explore your wants and needs, we can find the program that works for you and will motivate you to continue and improve. As a nurse, I've seen the great effects improved fitness can have and also the effects of neglecting it. At this point in my life, I've experienced the energy of youth and the process of aging, and I know through personal experience the challenges of recovering from injury and will bring that understanding to our work together. I believe we can find a program based on your life that will work for you and provide the improvement you’re seeking.
Daniel Scripterview my page ]
Daniel Scripter

I believe fitness is something that everyone can enjoy. Improving one's health makes them more energetic, productive, and better prepared to face everyday challenges more effectively. I want to bring the benefit of fitness to people in a fun less intimidating way, allowing everyday people, not just practiced exercisers, to enjoy the benefit of a healthy body. I will be with you to guide and support you through our fitness journey together. Let's start moving! How will you help them with these things you talk about? How do you encourage and motivate? How do you make it fun?

Tommy Starks [ view my page ]
Tom Starks

Fitness is the feeling of healthy change in the body. It takes a lot of determination and focus to achieve your fitness goals but there is nothing more gratifying. With the right knowledge and motivation anything is possible. BE the change you wish to see and I’ll be there to help you achieve that!

David Richards [ view my page ]

As a trainer, I see every person as having individualized needs and goals.  Making improvements to your health requires more than just exercise.  I strive to give each client the necessary knowledge and skills to overcome any lifestyle obstacles standing in the way of accomplishing their goals.  I view exercise as a process that must be given the highest respect.  It is not about finding the newest fad in the industry; it’s about specifically tailoring a program to your individual needs. I approach every client with a sense of passion and desire to help them excel in their exercise programs and daily lives.


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