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Lockers/Towel Service

1. SRSC Rental Locker Policies and Procedures: Lockers are rented to current Recreational Sports members and students with a valid Indiana University ID. See us at Member Services to reserve your locker. Upon renting a locker, the member is given a receipt which is taken to the Equipment Check-Out desk to receive the locker assignment and towel. Lockers are also available for rental on first come, first serve basis. Locks may be purchased at Member Services or provided by the rentee. Lockers must have locks on them at all times. Call 855.7772 for additional information.

2. Towel Service with a SRSC Locker Rental: Any participant who rents a locker on a semester or yearly basis will receive FREE towel service for the duration of their rental period. Once you have rented your locker just bring your Recreational Sports membership card or IU ID to the Equipment Desk on the lower level to receive your clean towel.

3. Daily Locker Use: Daily use lockers are available past the turnstiles and in the accessible rooms in both the Men’s and Women’s locker rooms. Tall lockers in the main locker rooms are for daily use only. Participants may check out locks from the Equipment Desk for daily use. Failure to remove any lock on a daily use locker before closing will result in the lock being cut. Recreational Sports does not assume any responsibility for belongings that are left in daily use lockers over night. Any questions regarding belongings left in day use lockers should be directed to the Equipment Desk. There is a $10 lock replacement fee for Recreational Sports locks cut off.

4. Locker Fees for both the SRSC and SPHB:

Semester Yearly (fall/spring) Annual
Student $20 $35 $50
Faculty/Staff N/A N/A $70
Public/Alumni N/A N/A $90

5. Locker Security: Always remember to double-check your lock when showering or leaving the locker area. Recreational Sports is not responsible for items lost or stolen in the locker room or from lockers. An incident report form may be filed at the Equipment Checkout Desk in the event of a loss or theft. The participant is also encouraged to file a police report for any lost or stolen items.

6. Locker Clean-out: Locker clean-out will take place during the two weeks following each semester. It is the participant’s responsibility to renew or clean out their locker prior to the locker rental expiration date. Recreational Sports does not assume any responsibility for belongings in expired lockers. An attempt will be made to bag belongings found in any expired locker and kept in the lost and found for 30 days. After 30 days, all items will be considered abandoned and disposed of. Personal locks found on expired lockers will be cut off.

7. Renewal: Renewal notices will be posted in the locker rooms 30 days before the end of each semester. An email will also be sent out to each locker occupant 15 days prior to locker expiration as a reminder to renew their locker.

8. Towel Service without a Locker Rental: Towel Service may also be purchased separately from a locker. Purchase your towel service from Member Services. Once you have purchased your towel service just bring your Recreational Sports card or IU ID to the Equipment Desk on the lower level to receive your clean towel.

Fees for Towel Service Per Semester/All Summer (without locker rental)

Student $15

Faculty/Staff $21

Public/Alumni $27

Towel service is also sold on a daily basis for $1 at Member Services.

9. Children 6 and older should go in the gender appropriate locker rooms.

10. Suitmate Dryers: Suitmate Dryers are located in the men and women’s locker rooms. Please use these machines for drying swimsuits only. RecSports cannot accept responsibility for swimsuits damaged in the suitmate machines so participants are cautioned to use the machines at their own risk.

11. Accessible Lockers: Accessible lockers are available to persons with disabilities in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms in the SRSC.

12. If soap dispensers are empty or there are any locker room maintenance concerns please notify the Informal Sports Supervisors at the Equipment Desk.

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