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Abby ABBY  Abby is an undergrad majoring in dietetics.  She has been a dancer all of her life and teaching Cardio Hip-Hop gives her the opportunity to combine her passion of dance and fitness.  It's a perfect fit!  She believes staying active positively impacts so many different aspects of life!
Alyssa is an undergraduate Health Fitness Specialist major. She began her fitness journey participating in home fitness DVDs while in high school, and her love for group exercise came during Welcome Week of her freshman year. Her favorite thing about group exercise is that it offers people a way to be active while having a great time, and she hopes to see you at one of her Cardio Core classes!
Angela is from Munster, Indiana, and has been studying in the Kelley School of Business since the fall of 2013. She plans on graduating Indiana University with a major in Marketing and International Business. She is an ACE certified group exercise leader and absolutely loves instructing Zumba. Dancing throughout her life allows her to naturally move to the Latin and international rhythms. She strongly believes that Zumba is a great way to relieve stress, build cardio endurance, and, most importantly, have a blast!

CALEB  Caleb began teaching Cardio Hip-Hop in the summer of 2012. He has has a passion for dance and music and found this format to be a perfect fit to express his creativity and personality. He is majoring in Telecommunications and hopes to pursue a career in film production. He also really….really likes Britney Spears. He believes physical activity is key in maintaining good health, and when you take his class he wants to make sure you have fun the entire time you are working out!!


CARA  Cara has been with the Division of Recreational Sports for over 10 years! She is an IU alumni with a BS in Kinesiology and a Masters in Public Health. When she is not chasing after her three children she enjoys gardening, hiking, and watching a good movie . Cara works part-time from home as a Health Coach and enjoys helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle! She brings a fun and encouraging element to all her sessions.

Elana has had an overwhelming love for dance since age three, and what better way to spread the joy than becoming a Zumba instructor?!  As a Secondary Language Arts educator, Elana thoroughly enjoys helping people feel comfortable in their own skin in any kind of classroom. Elana's mission is to give people the opportunity to shake off their stresses while they shake it during a workout.  It has been a goal of hers to merge fitness and funk in her own Zumba sessions, and she is so excited to do that at IU Campus Recreational Sports!

ELIZABETH  Elizabeth joined the Rec Sports Group Exercise team in April 2014. She is excited about teaching classes and has a passion for helping other achieve their personal fitness goals. She is currently pursuing a Health Fitness Specialist degree. She loves input about her sessions and wants to make it the best it possibly can be for the participant!


EMMA  Emma joined the Group Exercise team in the fall of 2013. She is excited to teach aquatics classes and show her participants that fitness can be both fun and challenging! She is an undergrad studying Hospital Administration and PR; outside of the gym you can most likely find her outdoors with a coffee in hand!



EVELYN  Evelyn is a 5th year Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences from Columbus, OH. After incorporating Group Exercise classes into her schedule as a way to de-stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle, she started teaching cardio kickboxing and core in Spring 2014. Evelyn loves to help participants find the workout that best fits their personality and personal goals.


HANNAH C.  Hannah began leading group exercise during fall 2011 instructing Zumba. She is an undergrad studying Journalism and Dance. She trained in dance for 14 years so leading Zumba came most naturally to her, but she wishes to learn and lead other group exercise formats in the future. Hannah wants to promote exercise by leading fun and energetic classes that appeal to all types of people.


HANNAH E.  Hannah E. began working with Group Ex in the Spring of 2012. She is obtaining her B.S. in Human Biology and a minor in Dance, hoping to one day become a Physical Therapist specializing in dance or trauma related injuries. Hannah began leading Cardio Kickboxing and loves it even more now than she did then, though she is currently working to expand in some other programs that Group Ex has to offer as well.

Heather F. is a Ph.D. student in the Applied Health Sciences Department and is from Ogden, Utah.  She began her fitness journey in her undergraduate career and has been hooked since.  Although many workouts are appealing and fun, kickboxing is her first love of group exercise.  Heather recognizes the impact that exercise can have on a person’s well-being and loves to hear about individual participant goals and how she can help assist with those milestones, adding in a little energy and fun along the way.   

HEATHER L.  Heather began leading Group exercise in 2013. An AFAA certified personal trainer here at Recreational Sports since 2012 she is excited to be a part of the group dynamic of an exercise class. She believes fully in the power of exercise to change lives.

Jaclyn, or as most know her as Jac, hails from the state of California! She spent her undergrad years studying around the country and the globe. In 2014 she graduated from Southern Illinois University, so she is no stranger to the Mid-West, and loves her time here at Indiana University. Jac has a passion for movement and is driven to ignite that passion into all around her. You can find her dancing it up in cardio hip hop, biking around campus for her School of Public Health grad classes, or loving life working as the graduate assistant for the group exercise department!

KAITLYN  Kaitlyn is a recent graduate of IU. She is certified as a Group Fitness Instructor through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and has been leading since 2011. She loves to keep busy and stay active, especially running. She has run countless 5Ks, 5 half marathons, and 1 full marathon! Kaitlyn would love to see you in her Trekking, CycleFit, and Strength/Core sessions and help you achieve your fitness goals.

  Katelyn is an undergraduate health fitness specialist major. She has always been interested in working out and staying active and has volunteered at the YMCA for an elderly balance class. She hopes to own her own personal training practice in the future. Katelyn is currently teaching Cardio Kickboxing as well as Strength Core. She believes that group exercise is a great way to connect with people in a healthy, active environment.

KATIE  Katie is a Contemporary dance Major and Fitness Instruction Minor.  Katie started with the group exercise team in Fall 2012. She is enthusiastic about learning new formats when she can and has recently become AFAA certified for group exercise. Katie hopes to spread her love for movement and fitness throughout IU and beyond! In the future, she plans to audition for dance companies and continue to be involved in fitness and group exercise.

KELSEY  Kelsey is an undergraduate student from central Indiana. She is studying to become a Health Fitness Specialist with a minor in Exercise Science and Psychology. She became a leader in the summer of 2013 teaching Step 1. She feels that being healthy is a great stress relief and an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle, so she hopes to see you at Step 1 for a fun workout!

LAUREN  Lauren is an Accounting and International Business major from Indianapolis, IN and has been studying in the Kelley School of Business since Fall  2013. She teaches Zumba and Core and enjoys sharing her love of dance through fitness in her classes. She has been teaching since Spring 2014 and is excited to be a part of the Group Exercise Team! Lauren hopes to demonstrate the stress relief, sense of accomplishment, and most importantly fun that can come from exercise and lead to a happier you!


LOGAN  Logan is a Speech and Hearing Sciences major.  She will be instructing both Cardio Kickboxing and Core formats.  She is overjoyed to begin her journey with Group Exercise!  Her future plans are to attend grad school and become a Speech Pathologist.

Lori attended IU and has been a Bloomington native for 23 years. She has been involved in fitness for 30 years, enjoying running, yoga, Pilates, and swimming. Excited about the way exercise strengthened and restored her physically and mentally, she wanted to encourage others to experience the rejuvenation and release of exercise. This led her to become certified as a Group Exercise instructor, Personal Trainer, and leader through AFAA, Wholyfit, and ACSM.
Marissa graduated from the University of Florida in 2012 with her B.S. in Psychology. She has been teaching group fitness classes for 4 years at 5 different universities, and she is so excited to be a part of the Group Ex team at IU while on internship in Bloomington this year. Marissa has her Primary Group Fitness Certification through AFAA, and has experience teaching cardio kickboxing, strength training, cardio dance, pilates, step, and core formats. With an upbeat and positive personality, Marissa hopes to create a fun, energetic, and motivating atmosphere for all!
Marlo is an Informatics major with a cognate in Graphic Design, and uses exercise to get away from her computer screen and de-stress. She loves teaching Cardio Hip-Hop because it combines a full body workout with sass and smiles! Dancing is such a positive way to express yourself and become excited about exercise – “I love seeing happy participants after a class!”

MEGHAN  Meghan is a Vocal Performance master's student in the Jacobs School, and after IU she wants to move to Chicago to start auditioning for opera companies. She works for Rec Sports as a Group Ex instructor in Step and Core, and also as a Team Leader and Lifeguard! Come to her classes and get a high energy, intense, and insanely fun workout!


MIRIAM  Miriam is a graduate student in the departments of Central Eurasian Studies and Folklore & Ethnomusicology and has been at IU since 2010. She enjoys dancing, cooking, traveling, and of course working out! Miriam started teaching Deep Water Exercise in the fall of 2012. She believes that exercise is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle and would love to see you at a Deep Water Exercise session soon for a fun workout in the pool!


NICK  Nick is a Fitness and Wellness Strength/Cardio Facility and Program Management Graduate Assistant at Recreational Sports.  He is in the School of Public Health and is pursuing a master’s degree in Physical Activity, Fitness, and Wellness. Nick received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University in May 2012.  He received his national certification as a Health Fitness Specialist from ACSM and certified in Level 1 of FMS. Nick enjoys the atmosphere of fitness and is excited to move from the weight room to a group setting, to lead other so they can live activity, healthy lifestyles!

Nya has lead group fitness sessions for over six years at Bowdoin College, Temple University, L.A. Fitness, and the Philadelphia Sports Club. She loves Step aerobics and Double Step. She is also experienced in leading Latin Cardio, Strength Core, Boot-camp, and Body Works. Recently, Nya joined the Theater, Drama, and Contemporary Dance Department as an Assistant Professor of Dance.  Her goal is to provide a good workout that is also fun.

PATRICIA  Patricia's favorite group fitness formats are Cardio Kickboxing and Step. In addition to IU, she has experience teaching classes at Montana State University and Butler University. She is AFAA certified and enjoys fitting in classes around her full time work at the IU Art Museum. When not at SRSC, you might see her around town running with her husband and their dog, Daphne.


ROSIE  Rosie is pursuing her undergraduate degree in the School of Public Health at IU. She is majoring in Exercise Science with minors in Spanish, Psychology, and Kinesiology. Rosie teaches Cardio Core. She loves being active and finding fun ways to get in a great workout by dancing, boxing, yoga, etc. In the future, Rosie wishes to learn and lead other group exercise formats to continue to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle in a fun way!

Sarah is an undergrad majoring in the Teaching All Learners Program in the School of Education. She has been dancing since she could walk and runs long distance. Teaching Cardio Hip and Core allows her to utilize her passions for dance, exercise, and teaching! She loves the feeling after a great workout and she can't think of anything more fun than dancing to some good music!

SHELBY  Shelby is a Fitness and Wellness Group Exercise Graduate Assistant at Recreational Sports. She is in the School of Public Health and pursing a master's degree in Physical Activity, Fitness, and Wellness. Shelby received her undergraduate degree from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania in May 2013. She has been leading group exercise sessions since January 2010, and received her national certification in Group Exercise from AFAA. She is also certified in YogaFit Level One, TurboKick, and IC Pro Indoor Cycling. Her main goal is to instill that passion for fitness in others so that they may lead healthy, happy, and active lifestyles as well.


SHELLIE  Shellie is a lifelong Bloomington resident and previously attended IU. She is married and has one son. Just this year Shellie completed her first Triathlon and sees many more in her future, she is also a runner and has completed 3 full marathons and many half marathons. She loves teaching fitness classes and has a lot of fun helping people achieve their fitness goals. Shellie teaches strength based classes and water classes.

TAYLOR  Taylor, who began leading Cardio Core in 2013, hopes to demonstrate to her participants the sense of accomplishment and stress relief that can come from exercise. She is an undergrad studying Spanish and Anthropology, and in her free time she enjoys yoga, reading, and volunteering in the Sprouts garden here at IU.
Torie is an undergraduate student majoring in Dietetics and minoring in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management. Her passion for health and fitness started at a young age through constantly being in many different sports and activities. Staying active is a major part of Torie’s life and she believes in the amazing mental and physical benefits of exercise. Creating a fun and energetic fun environment for everyone, Torie hopes to make you fall in love with your workout!
Vickie is the Nutrition Services and Healthy Schools Director at Richland-Bean Blossom Schools in Ellettsville.  She partners with Indiana University School of Public Health professors incorporating Coordinated School Health into her school corporation.  She's also a proud mother of a 2014 IU grad!  She started teaching group ex classes in 2002 leading various formats, but ZUMBA is her absolute favorite! Look for the leader in the skirt if you want to get in some fun dancing or just want to say hi!

WANDA  Wanda is from Carmel, IN. She currently teaches Cardio Hip Hop and Core. Wanda is studying Communication and culture and hopes to go into Human Resources as a future career but has a lot of options! She is excited to be a part of the group exercise team!

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