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Become a Group Exercise Leader

We are training and hiring for Spring 2015 Group Exercise Leaders!

CALL-OUT MEETING - Thursday, January 15 at 7PM, SRSC Auditorium

If you are nationally certified through ACE, AFAA, or ACSM and have experience teaching…

  • Send a resume and cover letter to the Assistant Director of Fitness/Wellness, Kayla Rhodes, .
  • An interview and audition will be scheduled for eligible applicants.
  • If hired on staff, you will team teach a few classes to get familiar with our facilities and participants before leading your own sessions.
  • Note: If you have a format-specific certification through an organization such as TurboKick, Zumba, Les Mills, etc., a comprehensive fitness certification through ACE, AFAA, or ACSM, the completion of our Leader Training Course is also required.

If you have no experience:

  • Sign up with the Graduate Assistant for Group Exercise, Shelby Dietz, sedietz to take our 7 week intensive Leader Training Course. Remember this course is free, however, it does require your time and commitment.
  • Once you have received a Certificate of Completion from the Rec. Sports Leader Training Course, you are eligible to interview & audition with us the week after Spring Break.
  • If hired on staff, you will team teach at least once a week (for 5 to 6 weeks) as necessary. 

The Leader Training Course:
To learn more about our Leader Training Course, attend our call out meeting on January 15 at 7pm in the SRSC Auditorium. You will also need to email the Graduate Assistant, Shelby Dietz , to sign up for the course and indicate which formats you would like to train in.


Eligible to Teach ...

Track Description

Lecture Day & Time

Practical Day & Time

Choreographed (Beat-Based) Formats

Step, Cardio Kickboxing, Cardio Core, CardioHip Hop and Zumba*

Our choreographed formats are fun and energizing upbeat sessions that have you moving to the music!

**Zumba is our only format requiring an outside certification; find a Zumba certification online & bring us proof of registration by Feb, 3rd, and you will be able to complete our Leader Training Course for Zumba!



(begins Jan. 20th)


12PM - 2PM

(begins Jan. 23rd)

Strength Formats

Strength Core, Core, Boot Camp, HIIT, TBC, Body Bar Strength

We offer a variety of strength formats on our schedule and this track will allow you to gain experience to lead various strength formats.  Each strength format has its own flavor, but all focus on the goal of increasing muscular strength and endurance.



(begins Jan. 20th)


2PM - 4PM

(begins Jan. 23rd)

If you have any other questions, please contact:
Shelby Dietz, Graduate Assistant for Group Exercise
Indiana University Campus Recreational Sports
tel: 812-856-8111

February 9 Battleship, 4x4 Volleyball, Table Tennis Deadline

February 18 Group Swim Lesson Deadline

February 23 - 27 Celebrate EveryBODY Week