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FAQ Yoga & Pilates
  • Can I try these sessions before I buy them?  We offer two ways for participants to try our sessions for free.  The first week of every semester we run our full schedule of sessions as drop in (no registration or punch card required).  Then, throughout the semester, we also offer a handful of one-time Special Sessions.  See ___ for more details.  For your safety and in respect of our participant’s experience, we do not allow individuals to sit in on sessions.

  • How do I know what session is best for me?  We truly believe that the best way to know if you like Yoga or Pilates is to try a variety of sessions.  Leaders have different styles and what one person connects with, may not be what the next person desires.  We recommend purchasing a 3-Session or 7-Session Punch Card so that you can explore and find your best fit!  We also recommend that participants new to Yoga or Pilates start with our Yoga I or Pilates I sessions.

  • What should I wear?  You will be most comfortable in clothes that you can easily move in.  Restrictive clothing such as jeans, pants with zippers, etc. are not recommended.  Going barefoot is recommended, however, socks are allowed.

  • What should I bring?  We provide all of the equipment that you will need including a mat; however, you are welcome to bring your own mat if you’d like.  Otherwise, just be sure to have you IU ID or RS Membership!

  • What time should I arrive?  In respect for other participant’s experience and your safety, please arrive early or on time to your sessions.  Entering a session after the start time is strongly discouraged as it takes away from the focused environment that we strive to create at the beginning of a session and it does not allow you to warm up appropriately.  Alternatively, arriving early allows you, and your fellow practitioners, to mentally prepare for your practice.

  • Is there any etiquette I should know of?  Please respect the peaceful environment of our studio space by entering quietly, turning off or silencing your cell phone, and limiting your voice to a whisper.  Likewise, if you should need to leave the session early, quietly gather your belongings as to not distract others.

  • What if I have an injury?  We recommend that you consult with your doctor about participating in these sessions if you are healing from or dealing with a chronic injury.  If your doctor agrees that your participation is safe, please inform the session leader of your situation so that they can provide appropriate modifications of exercises.

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February 18 Group Swim Lesson Deadline

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