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  • Are all sessions free?  Group exercise sessions are included in your RS membership.  For students, your membership is included in the student fees paid with your tuition.  No extra charge!

  • Do I need to reserve my spot?  With the exception of Trekking and our Special Sessions (1 time sessions offered throughout the semester) there is no need to reserve your spot.  Just drop in!  Due to limited numbers of treadmills and limited space in Special Sessions, we recommend reserving your spot ahead of time by calling Member Services at 855.7772 or going online to signup.rs.iub.edu.

  • What time should I arrive?  Please arrive on time to sessions so that you can be part of the warm up.  The warm up is used to ensure your body is ready for exercise (and reduce the opportunity for injury).  It is also a time to rehearse choreography and exercises that will be used later in the session.  Therefore, we do have a 10 minute policy.  Ten minutes into the session the session is considered closed and our leaders will suggest you refer to our schedule to attend an alternative session.  **Trekking and Special Sessions only:  Participants must arrive on time to the session to claim their reserved spots or risk losing reserved spots to waitlisted individuals.

  • What level of intensity are the sessions?  We recommend reading our session descriptions to get a better idea of what each session is like as some of our sessions do include advanced choreography.  However, please know that in all of our sessions we offer modifications and progressions for exercises so that you can determine the level of intensity that is right for you! 

  • What should I wear?  You will be most comfortable in clothes that breathe and that you can easily move in.  Restrictive clothing such as jeans, pants with zippers, etc. are not recommended. 

  • What types of shoes are allowed?  For your safety, we require shoes to be worn in all of our land-based group exercise sessions.  Shoes should be close-toed and close-heeled.  An athletic cross-training shoe will provide the ideal support for the multi-directional movements involved in group exercise sessions.

  • What should I bring?  We recommend you bring a water bottle and possibly a small towel.  We appreciate you locking your other items up in one of our day use lockers so that they are safe, but also out of the way as to avoid participants tripping on them while exercising.  Other than that, be sure to have you IU ID or RS Membership card with you so that you can access our facilities!

  • What if I have an injury?  We recommend that you consult with your doctor about participating in these sessions if you are healing from or dealing with a chronic injury.  If your doctor agrees that your participation is safe, please inform the session leader of your situation so that they can provide appropriate modifications of exercises.

February 9 Battleship, 4x4 Volleyball, Table Tennis Deadline

February 18 Group Swim Lesson Deadline

February 23 - 27 Celebrate EveryBODY Week