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Dance Space Reservations

Racquetball Court 6 (RB6) at WIC and at the SRSC Multi-Sport III (MSIII) at the SRSC can be used for dance reservations by students and/or student groups.

Racquetball Court 6: RB6 is shared by Campus Recreational Sports, academic classes, and Club Sports. RB6 can accommodate 10-15 students comfortably for dance practice. Please call WIC Member Services to reserve the space at 855-5222. See more information below in regards to reservation procedures.

Multi-Sport III (MS III): MSIII is primarily used for scheduled Recreational Sports Group Exercise sessions. When not scheduled, primarily on the weekends starting late Friday afternoon, the space is available for group dance practice. MSIII can accommodate either one large group of up to 30 people or two smaller groups comfortably and may be reserved for group dance practice. See more information below in regards to reservation procedures.

Call Member Services to reserve space for dance. The following times are available:
Mondays: 9:45pm - 11pm

Tuesdays: 9:30pm - 11pm 

Wednesdays: 9:45pm - 11pm

Saturdays: 6pm - 8:30pm

Sundays: 9:15pm - 11pm
         Additional racquetball courts at WIC are also available for reservation, at no additional cost, to all currently enrolled IU students and current Recreational Sports members. All participants must have a valid ID/RS membership or day pass to use these courts.

GENERAL Dance reservation POLICIES

  1. Informal sports activities are permitted by reservation only. Please call Member Services at 855-7772 to reserve space SRSC spaces or 855-5222 for WIC spaces.
  2. Participants should report malfunctioning lights, temperature fluctuations or any other maintenance concerns to the Team Leader.
  3. Dust mops are available to assist in the cleaning of debris from the floor. Please return them to the hooks when finished.
  4. Participants are not adjust lighting in MS3.
  5. Personal possessions should be stored in a locker. Recreational Sports is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  6. Abuse of property or verbal or physical abuse of participants or staff will not be tolerated. Violators may be subject to disciplinary process and asked to leave the facility immediately.
  7. No food, drink (other than water), or glass containers are allowed.
  8. In the event of an injury or accident, please press the EMERGENCY PANEL button once to receive medical attention and/or seek assistance from an on-site Recreational Sports employee.


  1. Groups may not use any Group Exercise equipment including stereo equipment. Participants may bring their own speakers, however, NO amplified systems are allowed.
  2. Canes and other props are strictly prohibited for use in MSIII or racquetball courts.
  3. Proper attire must be worn at all times.
    • Shoes with non-marking soles.
    • All shirts must cover the waist.
    • No heeled shoes are permitted.
  4. Lights or any other type of props may not be brought into the facility or used in dance space.
  5. MSIII specific: We ask that when two groups are using the space at the same time that both groups be respectful of each other's needs and space.


  1. Call 855-7772 (SRSC) or 855-5222 (WIC) or stop by the SRSC 115 or WIC Member Services Suite, in order to make a reservation.
  2. Reservations can be made up to 24 hours in advance. The length of reservation is one hour maximum.
  3. MSIII and WIC RB 6 must be claimed within five minutes of the reserved starting time or the reservation will be forfeited.
  4. Failure to present a valid I.D. will result in forfeiture of the reservation.

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