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The IU Campus Recreational Sports Aquatics program has something for everyone: two world-class pools; private, semi-private, and group swimming lessons for all levels; Total Technique Swim Training (for intermediate swimmers); and SwimFIT (for advanced swimmers), plus a number of valuable clinics focusing on freestyle swimming and flip turns.

Why take up swimming?

Swimming is one of the best-all around workouts, involving nearly every major muscle group. Plus, water disperses heat more efficiently than air and cools the body, lowering your risk for overheating. And swimming offers up to 14% more resistance than exercising on land, providing an all-around great workout.

But best of all, swimming is fun! So suit up, jump in, and start stroking.

February 9 Battleship, 4x4 Volleyball, Table Tennis Deadline

February 18 Group Swim Lesson Deadline

February 23 - 27 Celebrate EveryBODY Week

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