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Staff Directory


Director/Associate Director Phone E-mail
Bayless, Kathy Director 812.855.6432 kbayless
Puterbaugh, Jackie Associate Director 812.855.9701 puterbau
Administrative Services
Myers, Darla Administrative Assistant 812.855.6432 damyers
Scott, Cathy Administrative Assistant 812.856.2204 capscott 
Edelbrock, Kellen Assistant Director of Aquatics - Operations 812.855.9798 kedelbro
Smith, Ben Assistant Director - Instructional Sports, Aquatics and Student Development 812.856.1418 smithbd2
Ward, Emily Program Director - Aquatics 812.855.9693 emiward
Kettrick, Aubrey  Graduate Assistant - Aquatics 812.855.1321 akettric
Belt, Drake Program Assistant - Aquatics  812.855.1321 drbelt 
Financial Affairs
Jordan, Candis Accounting and Purchasing Representative 812.855.9707 caker
Tippin, Jim Service Director - Financial Affairs 812.855.3084 jtippin
Van Hook, Greg Accounting and Payroll Representative 812.855.9704 gvanhook
Facility Support
Cox, Tom Assistant Director 812.856.1329 thrcox
Grannan, Mike Assistant Director 812.855.0244 mgrannan
O'Donnell, James Assistant Director 812.856.4816 jodonnel
Pedersen, John Service Director - Facility Support 812.855.9654 jotpeder
Polley, Will Assistant Director 812.856.1329 wpolley
Scripter, Dan  Program Assistant - Strength & Conditioning  812.855.1186 dscripte 
Arvin, Chris Program Director - Fitness/Wellness 812.856.1215 csarvin
Fry, Andy Assistant Director - Personal Training 812.855.9653 fry2
Rhodes, Kayla Assistant Director - Group Exercise 812.855.9762 kmrhodes 
Hadfield, Jaclyn Graduate Assistant - Group Exercise 812.856.8111
Dietz, Shelby Graduate Assistant - Group Exercise 812.855.9760 sedietz
Dukes, Nicholas  Graduate Assistant - Strength and Conditioning 812.856.1449 nwdukes
Informal Sports
Knee, Eric Graduate Assistant - Informal Sports 812.856.1424 enknee
Ruddick, Greg Program Assistant - Informal Sports 812.855.1229 gruddick
Graskewitz, Brett Assistant Director - Informal Sports 812.855.9693 bwgraske 
Information Technology
McClary, Charles Service Director - Information Technology 812.855.9547 cmcclary
Systems Analyst/Programming
Yoder, Jeff Assistant Director - Systems Analyst/Programming 812.855.9617 jayoder
Instructional Sports
Smith, Ben Assistant Director - Instructional Sports, Aquatics and Student Development 812.856.1418 smithbd2
Ward, Emily Program Director - Informal Sports, Aquatics, and Student Personnel 812.855.9693 emiward
Intramural Sports
Whittaker, Brad Program Director - Intramural Sports and Club Sports 812.855.8359 whittakb
Ison, Drew Graduate Assistant - Intramural Sports 812.855.1399 abison
Johnson, Autumn Assistant Director - Club Sports and Intramural Sports 812.856.0148 autjohns
Kido, Satoshi Assistant Director - Intramural Sports 812.855.8209 skido
Carr, Chris Graduate Assistant - Intramural Sports 812.855.4169 cpcarr
Lowry, Samantha Assistant Director, Intramural Sports 812.856.1143 samlowry
McGhee, Mandy Assistant Director - Marketing 812.855.1545 mandmcgh 
Baranowski, Brianne Coordinator of Outreach 812.855.7673 brbarano
White, Mary Coordinator of Graphic Design 812.855.9171 mmwhite
Hursey, Emily Program Assistant, Marketing
Coordinator, Writing and Copy Editor  
Member Services & Equipment Operations
Champion, Marissa Program Coordinator 812.855.9784 marchamp 


Heeter, Steve Service Director - Member Services 812.855.0726 sheeter
Jones, Rachel Member Services Associate 812.855.3077 rlachmun
Scholl, Cindy Member Services Associate 812.855.9651 scholl
Rauch, Kelly Member Services Associate 812.856.0741 krauch
Walls, Mindy Member Services Associate 812.855.2371 lgrobert
Evaluation, Special Projects and Special Events
Geary, Chris Service Director - Evaluation, Special Projects & Special Events 812.855.0636 cgeary
Grant, Candice Graduate Assistant - Evaluations 812.855.9615 cjgrant
Abaci, Serdar Graduate Assistant - Research 812.856.0487  sabaci
Plew, Ellen Program Assistant, Special Events 812.855.1956 elplew
Risk Managment
Bare, Bruce Assistant Director - Risk Managment 812.855.7771 bcbare
Student Development
Bayless, Kathy Interim Program Director - Intramural Sports, Club Sports and Student Development 812.855.6432 kbayless
Smith, Ben Assistant Director - Instructional Sports, Aquatics and Student Development 812.856.1418 smithbd2
VACANT Assistant Director - Informal Sports and Student Personnel

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