Indiana University Division of Recreational Sports




1. Please fill out this policy agreement form and initial after each point to confirm you have read and agree to the conditions.

2. Print and bring the filled out and signed copy to Member Services with a valid photo I.D. to receive a Photo Pass.
All fields must be filled out.

3. Return the Photo Pass to Member Services after you have completed your photography/videography.


(Note: The Photo Pass can only be checked out the day of the photo shoot. You must produce a photo I.D. at Member Services to check-out a Photo Pass)


Name: _____________________________________ E-mail: ______________________________________


Tel. (mobile preferred):__________________Address:________________________________________________


Date and time of photography/filming: ____/____/____;† ___:____a.m. / p.m. - ___:____a.m. / p.m.


Organization represented (if any): ________________________________________________


Purpose: Personal / Class Project (please specify) _____________________________________________________________________________


Areas/Spaces you intend to take pictures/film: ______________________________________________________________________________


Please initial to confirm you have read and agree to each condition:


__†† Photographs and video may not be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever. 

__†† Photography and videography, as well as use of cell phones, is not permitted in RS locker rooms or restroom facilities.

__†† All photography and videography must be conducted without disrupting RS operations and service to its members or limiting access to equipment, stairwells, entrances/exits, high traffic areas or other high-traffic locations within RS facilities.

__†† An RS Photo Pass lanyard must be worn at all times during the approved photo or videography session.

__†† It is the responsibility of the photographer/videographer to secure prior permission by all photographic/video subjects. We recommend that you secure signed photo releases from your photographic/video subjects.

__†† No photography or videography is permitted at Mind Body Sessions including Yoga, Pilates and Middle Eastern Belly Dancing. These include Mind Body sampler sessions.

__†† For Group Exercise Sessions, you must arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the session, ask the group exercise leader for permission and get permission from session participants before proceeding with photography or videography.

__†† For swimming/diving lessons, Family Nights and all informal activities, you must get permission from parents before photographing/filming children.

__†† The Indiana University Campus Recreational Sports reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises or to reproduce photographs of its facilities, members and staff.

__†† I hereby release and fully discharge IU, its trustees, officers, employees and agents, and all sponsors, workers, officials, and volunteers from all liability in connection with my participation and/or my child/renís participation in this activity, for or on account of any injury to or illness of my person or death, or for or on account of any loss or damage to any personal property or effects owned by me and/or my child/ren.


I have read and agree to the conditions in the RS Photo Policy.



Signature / Date



Date and time of Photo Pass issued: ____/____/____;  ___:____a.m. / p.m.

Date and time of Photo Pass return: ____/____/____;  ___:____a.m. / p.m.