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Team Leader: Responsible for monitoring and supervising the Recreational Sports facilities and participants during open recreational hours, and monitoring the student employees working within the recreational sports facilities. This position is the highest student employee leadership position available at IURS. If you are interested in applying or have any questions please contact Doug Delmage at .

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Paul Zimmerman

Major: Telecommunication
Year in School: Senior
Favorite part of Recreational Sports: The interaction with all the participants and the people I work with.
Personal Ambitions: Go on a riverboat gambling trip

Allison Shaw

Major: Dietetics
Year in School: Junior
Favorite part of Recreational Sports: Being happy and excited to come to work with great people
Personal Ambitions: To run the Chicago Marathon 

Renee Danielson

Major: Exercise Science
Year in School: Senior
Favorite part of Recreational Sports: I get to know the employees in all the different departments, and there's always someone new to talk to!
Personal Ambitions: Go to physical therapy school, complete an Ironman, and spend time in Africa volunteering as a physical therapist

Eric Knee
Major: Sociology Major
Year in School: Senior
Favorite part of RS: I love getting to know and build relationships both professionally and on a friendship level with people from all areas of RecSports!
Personal Ambitions: I hope to earn a PHD in Sociology after graduation and conduct research focused on Gender and Sexuality at a Tier 1 University!

Middle Row (L to R)

Heather Hamilton

Major: Fitness Specialist
Year in School:  Senior!
Favorite part of Recreational Sports:  The variety of options available in order to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Personal Ambitions:  To obtain my Master's Degree, possibly continue in Public Health or Recreational Sports, and enjoy married life after my wedding in July!!!

Joya Lewis
Major: Human Development and Family Studies
Year in School: Graduate
Favorite part of Recreational Sports:  The random conversations with co-workers, participants, and professional staff 
Personal Ambitions:  To become a better person everyday and excel in all that I do

Nick Freihofer

Major: Accounting and Finance
Year: Senior
Favorite Part: Getting away from the stress of school and building friendships with staff/participants.
Personal Ambition: To get my MBA and find a career that I truly enjoy.

William Gaylord

Major: Biology
Year: Junior
Favorite part of RecSports: the people Ii work with
Personal Ambitions: To one say be a doctor

Colleen Downie

Major: Accounting and Finance
Year in School: Junior
Favorite part of Recreational Sports: The friendships I've created, being employed, and helping out others
Personal Ambitions: Create an opportunity to work and live in China for a couple years


Amber Smith
Major: Accounting and Technology Management
Year in school: Junior
Favorite part of Recreational Sports: I like meeting and talking to new people. The staff is great and I enjoy coming to work. :)
Personal Ambitions: Graduate with a 3.4 cumulative GPA or higher and get a JOB

Bottom row (L to R)

Mike Issa

Major: Neuroscience
Year in School: Junior
Favorite part of RS: Meeting new people every day
Personal Ambitions: Go to grad school/ get a decent job when I graduate

Maryanne Alalade

Major: Exercise science, pre physical therapy
Year in school: junior
What do you like about working for RS?: The atmosphere
What are your future dreams/aspirations?: live in Chicago working as a physical therapist in my own private practice

Marissa Champion

Major: Exercise Science
Year in School: Senior
Favorite Part: The people are great and it provides a great atmosphere.
Personal Ambitions: To go into Physical Therapy or Nursing for Graduate School

Lauren Kelley
Major: Spanish and Communications & Culture with a Business Certificate
Year in School: Senior
Favorite part of RS: Getting to know all of the informals and other TL's and being able to interact with employees from other program areas
Personal Ambitions: I am graduating in December and would love to teach English abroad, preferably somewhere in Spain.

Pat Rudd
Major:  Telecommunications-Film Production and Television Production
Year:  Senior
Rec Sports:  Team Leader Responsibilities and its many options provided.
Personal Ambitions:  Graduate and finding a job I thoroughly enjoy as a career.

Dan Halluska
Major: Master’s in Anatomy/Cell Biology
Year in School: Graduate
Favorite part about work: Meeting people and saving lives
Personal ambitions: To become a professor and a professional musician at the same time.


Not Pictured:

Ashley Crider

Major: Recreational Sport Management
Year in School: 5th year senior
Favorite part about work: My co-workers are cool!
Personal ambitions: To be successful!

Kerri Richardson

Major: Journalism
Year in School: Senior
Favorite part of RS: Working with my awesome co-workers
Personal Ambitions: Graduate and go to graduate school and get a job

Kim Sanders
Major: Sociology and African American Studies
Year in School: Senior
Favorite part of Rec Sports: I enjoy interacting with new people and being able to work with my friends.
Personal ambitions: Earn a PhD in African American Studies and become a professor at a top research institution.

Matt Wallape

Major: Exercise Science, minors in Business and Coaching
Favorite part of Rec Sports: Co-workers and seeing new people
Year in School: Senior
Personal Ambitions:  Find a job for after graduation in the Spring

Paul Zimmerman Allison Shaw Renee Danielson Yoya Lewis Heather Hamilton Eric Knee Nick Freihofer William Gaylord Colleen Downie Amber Smith Mike Issa Maryanne Alalade Marissa Champion Lauren Kelly Patt Rudd Dan Halluska