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No Team? No Problem!

Option 1: Register as an Individual Player
Option 2: Add your name to the Player Board

Individual Registration

(This is very similar to the registration Process for tee ball when you were a little kid!)Individual Registration is $5 per person per sport, and Campus Recreational Sports will put you on a team. To register individually:

1. Go to SRSC or Wildermuth Member Services

2. Fill out an Individual Registration form

3. Select the day and time you wish to play based on available time slots

Player Board

Adding your information to the Player Board for a sport does not guarantee that you will find a team, but it is a place where you can post your information in hopes that a team captain will pick you up.

Leagues offered are:

Competitive: Designed to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts who want to apply their skills. This league emphasizes the competitive aspect of sport for those who wish to play at a higher level.

Recreational: This league emphasizes participation, fitness, and the social benefits of sports. First-timers can feel comfortable trying something new, and experienced players can build their skills while enjoying a recreational atmosphere.

Just For Fun: This league emphasizes participation, fitness, and the social benefits of sports. Sign up for this league in order to have fun in a relaxed environment, improve your skills, and be physically active.

Important Dates:

  • Registration Deadlines

    These Teams are Looking for Players:

  • Basketball
  • Futsal
  • Soccer(Outdoor)
  • Volleyball

  • Here are other individuals also looking for teams, get in contact with them to create a team of your own:
  • Basketball
  • Futsal
  • Soccer(Outdoor)
  • Volleyball
  • *Remember, rosters are open through playoffs so you can join a team until playoffs

  • If you find a team and would like your name removed from the list, please email [email protected]