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Schedule and Fees

Reserve your free spot in Pilates Reformer sessions by going to signup.rs.iub.edu. Space is limited to 6 participants. For all other sessions, just show up with your IU ID or RS membership card.

Spring 2012 Yoga & Pilates Schedule

Day Session Location Time Leader
Monday *Pilates Reformer
MS3 9:00-10:00AM Ann
  *Pilates Reformer
MS3 4:15-5:15PM Mackenzie
  Power Yoga
HP171 4:30-5:30PM Kristin P.
  Yoga I
HP171 5:45-6:45PM Ann
  Pilates I HP171 7:00-8:00PM Ann
Tuesday Power Yoga
MS3 12:00-1:00PM Kristin P.
  *Pilates Reformer
MS3 5:30-6:30PM Mackenzie
  Core Power Yoga
HP171 5:30-6:45PM Ann
  Pilates I/II MS3 8:00-9:00PM Mackenzie
Wednesday *Pilates Reformer
MS3 4:15-5:15PM Kristen T.
  Yoga I
MS3 5:30-6:30PM Dan
  Pilates I
HP171 5:45-6:45PM Mary Lou
  Yoga II
MS3 6:45-8:00PM Dan
  Pilates Power Sculpt HP171 7:00-8:00PM Mary Lou
Thursday *Pilates Reformer
MS3 12:00-1:00PM Kristen T.
  Power Yoga
HP171 5:45-6:45PM Kristin P.
  Yoga II HP171 7:00-8:00PM Devin
  *Pilates Reformer MS3 7:15-8:15PM Mackenzie
Friday *Pilates Reformer
MS3 3:30-4:30PM Kristen T.
  Core Power Yoga HP171 5:15-6:30PM Ann
*Pilates Reformer
MS3 4:45-5:45PM Ann
  Yoga I/II
MS3 6:00-7:00PM Ann
  Pilates Power Sculpt MS3 7:15-8:15PM Mary Lou


  • MS3 = Multi-Sport Gym 3 @ SRSC
  • HP171 = Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (HPER) Room 171


There are two ways to register and participate in Yoga & Pilates.

1. Pick a specific session and sign up for a weekly series. This will allow you to attend that specific session once per week for the duration of the series. - OR -
2. Purchase a Yoga & Pilates (mat) punch card, allowing you to attend sessions as they fit your schedule. Cards are valid the entire semester.

Series I: 1/16-3/11 • Series II: 3/19-4/29


Weekly Series:
Students $48 per series
Faculty/Staff $55 per series
Public $58 per series

Seven Session Punch Card:
Students $48/card
Faculty/Staff $55/card
Public $58/card

Three Session Punch Card:
Students $22/card
Faculty/Staff $25/card
Public $26/card


Receive discounts when you purchase weekly series or 7-session punch cards.

  • Purchase two items and save 10%.
  • Purchase three or more items and save 15%.

Pilates Reformer (Weekly Series):

Students $85 per series
Faculty/Staff $105 per series
Public $115 per series
*Discounts/punch-cards not available for Pilates Reformer Sessions.

A valid IU ID or Recreational Sports membership is required for Yoga & Pilates participation

Cancellation Policy
Campus Recreational Sports may need to alter the Yoga & Pilates schedule and/or cancel sessions because of low participation, facility issues, instructor illness or other emergency situations. Should we need to communicate any cancellations or schedule changes, we will attempt to notify participants via e-mail or phone (if this contact information is included on your session registration form). We will also communicate any cancellations or schedule changes on our facility bulletin boards and our web site at recsports.indiana.edu.

Make Up Policy
If you have purchased a weekly series and miss one of your sessions, we do allow make ups. Simply select another session from our schedule (of appropriate level). When you arrive to the session, let the leader know you are doing a make up and provide them with your name and your normal session day/time/leader.

Refund Policies
No refunds will be issued for Series I or Series II after the first session of the series unless there is a medical condition prohibiting participation. Refunds on Punch Cards are only honored if the card is returned unused and the refund is requested within 30 days of original purchase.