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Photo and Video

Indiana University Campus Recreational Sports (RS) endeavors to support the media in publicizing RS programs and services and also recognizes the need to support students who require RS filming and photography in support of their IUB academic coursework.
Therefore RS permits filming and photography in its facilities when it is consistent with the protection and security of RS participants, employees, facilities and equipment, and avoids conflict with normal use and enjoyment.


These policies address photography and filming for non-commercial use by individuals who are RS participants and the internal/external media. These policies apply to photography and filming all RS facilities, including:

  • The Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC)
  • Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) Building/Wildermuth
  • North Fee Lane Outdoor Field Complex
  • Woodlawn Field
  • Evan Williams Club Sports Field
  • SRSC Tennis Courts
  • HPER Tennis Courts


  • Photographs and film may not be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed or otherwise commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever.
  • Photography and filming is not permitted in RS locker rooms or restroom facilities. Additionally, cell phone usage is not permitted in RS locker rooms or restroom facilities as well due to photography capabilities.
  • All photography and filming must be conducted without disrupting RS operations and service to its participants or limiting access to equipment, stairwells, entrances/exits, high traffic areas or other high-traffic locations within RS facilities.
  • An RS Media Pass lanyard must be worn at all times during the approved photo or filming session.
  • Prior permission by all photographic subjects must be secured via a signed photo release.
  • For swimming/diving lessons, Family Nights and all informal activities, you must get written consent (by signed photo release), from parents before photographing children/dependents.

Indiana University Campus Recreational Sports reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises or to reproduce photographs of its facilities, members and staff.

Photography and filming for private/academic use
Still photography and filming is permitted for private, non-commercial use only. This includes photography for private use or for a class assignment.

  1. Check-in with Member Services upon arrival at the RS facility.
  2. Advise Member Services staff of your photography intentions (personal or academic use).
  3. Member Services will issue an RS Media Pass Lanyard and a Photo Release Form upon recording your name, e-mail and contact number.
  4. You must wear/display this pass while shooting. When entering various facility spaces, please check-in with the staff on duty at these spaces, i.e. Strength and Conditioning Consultants at Strength and Conditioning areas and Informal Sports Staff at informal facility areas, etc.
  5. Upon completion; return the RS Media Pass Lanyard to the Member Services desk. It is your responsibility to keep the signed Photo Release Form(s).

Media photography and filming
Members of the media may photograph or film within designated areas of RS facilities for the purposes of news coverage or publicity.

  1. With the exception of IDS and the Arbutus, a member of the RS Marketing team or designee, will preferably be present to assist members of the press in managing the photo shoot.
  2. Contact the RS Marketing and Sponsorship Department in as much advance notice as possible - at least 24 hours to ensure availability for assistance: (phone) 812.855.7917 (fax) 812.855.8809 or (e-mail) .
  3. A representative from RS Marketing will meet you when you check in at the Member Services desk upon arrival at the RS facility.
  4. Member Services will issue an RS Media Pass Lanyard, upon completion of the photo/video policy agreement form.
  5. Upon completion of the photo/film shoot, return the RS Media Pass Lanyard to Member Services.

IDS and Arbutus

RS Marketing will provide special semester Media Passes for the IDS and Arbutus for all semester access to RS facilities and programs. You can check-out these IURS Media Passes from Editorial Advisors at the IDS office. Photographers from the IDS and Arbutus staff must wear the Media Pass at all times during the photography session. IDS and Arbutus staff need not give prior notice if they choose to use these passes and agree to follow the policies listed below:

  1. Photographers must have the participants, at informal sports facility areas, fill out this Photo Release Form before proceeding with photography.
  2. When shooting Group Exercise or Mind Body sessions, please inform the Group Exercise leader so that an announcement may be made to the participants in the session by the leaders prior to the photo shoot.

Please feel free to contact RS Marketing , for special assistance or support for any story or project.

Commercial photography and filming
Commercial photography requests must be directed to the Recreational Sports Marketing and Sponsorship Department for their coordination with and approval by the IU Media Relations office. Contact the RS Marketing and Sponsorship Department at (phone) 812.855.7917 (fax) 812.855.8809 or (e-mail) .

Larry MacIntyre
Director of Media Relations

Susan Williams (reviewed and approved)
Assistant Director of Media Relations

Photography & filming at the North Fee Lane (NFL) Outdoor Field Complex, Evan Williams field, Woodlawn field or tennis courts
  1. For photography/filming access to the North Fee Lane Outdoor Field Complex, Evan Williams Club Sports Field & SRSC Tennis Court, please check-in at the SRSC Member Services Desk.
  2. For photography/filming access to Woodlawn field and the HPER Tennis Courts, please check-in at the HPER Wildermuth Member Services Desk.
  3. You must completion of the photo/video policy agreement form and submit it to Member Services prior to obtaining permission to photograph/film at these areas.