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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our Strength & Conditioning Spaces.

What strength and cardio space has been added at the Campus Recreational Sports facilities?

This fall we’ve opened over 10,000 square feet of new strength and cardio space. A new cardio/circuit gym has been added at the Wildermuth Intramural Center (WIC) in Gym 293 and a new Strength Gym has been added at the Student Recreational Sports Center (SRSC).

Why were these changes made?

Student, faculty and staff told us through surveys, focus groups, comment cards and personal interaction that they wanted more strength and cardio space. We heard that you were concerned about overcrowding, waiting in line, and not being able to get on the equipment that you wanted when you wanted it. Your most frequent requests were for more cardio equipment and more open space for stretching, core, and body weight exercises. In the process of adding 10,000 square feet we examined ways to layout the spaces to distribute usage around the 4 Strength and Cardio spaces based on needs and interests.

What are these new gyms called?

On August 17th we opened the brand new, 3,200 square foot Cardio/Circuit Gym at WIC. On September 24th we opened the new 7,200 square foot Strength Gym downstairs at SRSC. Along with these new spaces we added new equipment to the Cardio/Circuit Gym upstairs at SRSC.

What is in each new gym?

The Cardio/Circuit Gym at WIC includes 26 brand new pieces of cardio equipment, and a strength circuit, a functional trainer, dumbbells, and over 400 square feet of open stretching/core space. A great feature of this new space is that it is available to you for recreational use all day, every day – something we couldn’t provide in the WIC before. We’ve also added some new equipment to the Strength Gym at WIC as well.

The Strength Gym at SRSC allows for more space for things like heavy dumbbells, benches, Olympic platforms and weight machines. For example, in this new layout we’ve dedicated 780 square feet of space for the heavier set of dumbbells compared to 600 square feet that was available before. This new space also makes room for new equipment like kettlebells, TRX, training ropes, medicine balls, more functional trainers and more space for core, stretching, and body weight exercises.

Upstairs at the SRSC in the Cardio/Circuit Gym we’ve added several pieces of cardio equipment. This includes 18 new treadmills and over 40 elliptical machines. We’ve also created two new strength circuits. And, there is over 1,000 square feet for stretching, core, and body weight exercises. Plus, we’ve kept dumbbells, benches, and an Olympic platform.

We know you have some specific questions about these new spaces. Here are some we’ve heard so far. Let us know if you have others.

Will there be mirrors in the Strength Gym at SRSC?

Yes! Mirrors have always been in the plan for this gym. We couldn’t get them installed before the gym was ready to open. But, we thought you would want to use the space as soon as possible without any delay. Mirrors will be installed during the fall of 2012.

What about music or TV’s in the Strength Gym at SRSC?

Music will be coming very soon. However, TV’s are a more expensive and challenging proposition. We believed it was most important to prepare the space well (new flooring) and to purchase new equipment for your use rather than TV’s. We will continue to evaluate the installation of TV’s.

Is the equipment layout in the strength gym final?

No the layout is not final. We will continue to evaluate the layout based on your feedback. If you have an idea or suggestion we’d love to hear from you. Share your comments with our staff, leave us a note on a comment card, or drop us a line at [email protected].

It feels like we have less room, space, and equipment in the Strength Gym at SRSC. Is that true?

No, we have actually added equipment to the strength gym as well as the other 3 gyms. Let us know if something is missing or more equipment is needed in a particular space.

We need a better water fountain near the Strength Gym at SRSC. What can be done?

We will be upgrading the existing water fountains and also hope to add a bottle filling station. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

One of my favorite pieces of equipment is no longer here, where did it go?

Each year we evaluate what equipment needs to be replaced because it is worn out, repeatedly breaks down, is not used, or it cost too much to maintain/repair. If it is a popular piece of equipment, we try to replace it exactly. Unfortunately, some times the manufacturer no longer sells the piece of equipment or another company was selected because their cost was much lower, their warranty was better or their equipment has a history of holding up longer etc. With that said, we still try to replace each piece of retired equipment with better, newer equipment that allows you to do the same thing.

What can I do to get involved or share my feedback?

We hope you will enjoy these new gym facilities. As you use them we encourage you to share your ideas, suggestions, and comments with us at [email protected].

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