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Mallory Price
Graduate Assistant:
Intramural Sports, 2007-2009
Current Position:
Assistant Director of Intramural and Club Sports, Valdosta State University

"Through my Graduate Assistantship with IU Recreational Sports, I found some of the most inspiring mentors I could have ever wished for.  Each professional staff member had something different to offer me, and to this day I use every bit of knowledge I received.  I learned organization, problem solving strategies, and professionalism, while developing my philosophy of recreation.  I enjoyed being treated like a professional and included in meetings and brainstorming sessions.  Bloomington is a beautiful city and I feel so lucky to have spent two very short years there.  Luckily I don't have to just look back and remember, I get to create new memories with old friends at NIRSA each year.  My professional learning and growth is never over and always developing, IURS just gave it the jump start it needed."

Stacey Lee
Graduate Assistant:
Intramural Sports, 2008-2010
Current Position:
Assistant Director, 
Intramural Sports at  
Purdue University

"As a Graduate Assistant at IURS, I was afforded an opportunity to work and learn from leading professionals, educators, and peers in the field. This experience has profoundly impacted me in my growth and career and I am grateful to have the IU support, guidance, and network continually available. The wide array of programming and services supports a student driven department that truly focuses on the whole of the student and their development - a viasion I continue to uphold in my current position.  IU has instilled within me a strong foundation I will build upon for years to come, and I have the friendships and team cohesion our Department focuses on in creating a fun and customer friendly program that engages participants and staff.  I highly encourage those looking for a valuable Graduate Assistant position to explore the vast options available at IU."

Terese Schurger
Graduate Assistant:
Aquatics, 2003-2005
Current Position:
Assistant Director of Recreation - Aquatics, Butler University

"Being a Graduate Assistant at Indiana University Campus Recreational Sports was a wonderful opportunity for me to enhance my career goals. I was able to learn many aspects of Campus Recreation and have the responsibility of developing my own programs and gaining knowledge that has helped me with my current position. Not only did the position help me with my knowledge of the field, but it provided me with unbelievable foundation for networking. IU alumni are all over the country and are always willing to help a fellow IU graduate, whether it be with a job search or information/ideas about programs. IU Rec Sports gave me the foundation and I strive to work hard to develop those skills and make them proud because they are like a family, always there to support me."

Cody Heeter
Graduate Assistant:
Fitness/Wellness, 2008-2010
Current Position:
Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, Arizona State University

"Working as a Graduate Assistant at IU was one of the most rewarding experiences of my young career.  The leadership and direction from every professional staff member, the breadth and depth of programming opportunities, and the youth and excitement of the student staff all combine to create a truly unique compus recreation experience...I established lifelong relationships with the students I managed, the GA's I worked next to, and all of the professional staff.  To say that the IU network is strong would be an understatement.  No matter where I go, I always seem to run into someone from IU...I would encourage every incoming GA to absorb as much knowledge and information as possible.  They will truly be the fastest two years of your life, but they may also be the greatest."

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