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Fitness Wellness
The Fitness/Wellness program provides safe and effective exercise opportunities to promote healthy lifestyles within the I.U. community. Both the Fitness Activity Sessions (i.e. group exercise sessions) and the Fitness Training services (i.e. use of both the SRSC and SPHB strength and conditioning areas) are a part of this program. A total of over 90 different group exercise sessions are scheduled at both the SPHB and SRSC on a weekly basis. The Strength and Conditioning areas are open for a total of 17 hours per day for informal use. In addition, the Fitness/Wellness program offers fitness consultations, assessments, wellness education, and personal training.

Employment Opportunities:

Group Exercise Leader

General Information: The IU Group Exercise Leader leads participants of the IU Fitness/Wellness program through safe and effective exercise sessions designed to focus mainly on the Indiana University student population. Fitness sessions are held in both the SRSC and SPHB facilities and several satellite facilities. This position reports to the Assistant Director of Fitness/Wellness.

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Lead participants of the IU Fitness/Wellness program through safe and effective exercise sessions.
  2. Prepare for fitness sessions by designing a safe, effective, and well-balanced format of movement that is appropriate for the level of the session lead.
  3. Select and use music that is of high quality and is the appropriate pace (bpm) for the session lead.
  4. Attend all scheduled staff meetings, in-service trainings and scheduled individual training sessions.
  5. Record and turn in payroll sheets to the IU Fitness/Wellness Graduate Assistant on a bi-weekly basis.
  6. Arrive at the fitness session 10-15 minutes prior to start and be available at the end of the session to answer particpants questions or help with equipment as needed.
  7. Start and end each on time.
  8. Conduct session within the policies and procedures of Campus Recreational Sports.
  9. Report to and communicate with the Assistant Director of Fitness/Wellness on an on-going basis.
  10. Maintain on-going communication by checking e-mail messages (3x per week), mailbox contents (2x per week) and bulletin board contents.
Qualifications: Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Preventing Disease Transmission, and Safety in the Workplace certification is required. Prior experience in group fitness leadership is preferred. American Council on Exercise or American College of Sports Medicine, and/or National Strength & Conditioning Association certification and/or completion of the P217 Methods of Exercise Leadership is required within 6 months of hire date.

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Strength and Conditioning Consultant

General Information: The Strength and Conditioning Consultant is responsible for ensuring the safety of participants utilizing the strength and conditioning areas in both the SRSC and SPHB facilities. Duties include: familiarizing/educating participants with the necessary knowledge for appropriately using the facility equipment, providing feedback to participants, encouraging participation in the incentive program to encourage adherence, and providing basic maintenance and upkeep of the strength and conditioning area. This position reports to the Assistant Director, Fitness Training.

Qualifications: CPR, Disease Transmission and Prevention, and Standard First Aid certification offered by the Recreational Sports (once employed) and are required prior to beginning work. ACE Personal Training Certification and/or completion of an academic Strength & Conditioning course is recommended.

Regular Duties:

  1. Provide excellent customer service through: interacting with participants, promoting the AMP incentive programs, getting participant feedback, and always being visible while working shifts. Walk around the facility so participants have access to you. Look out for participants who need assistance on equipment or education on proper technique. Feel comfortable approaching participants and assisting them. Complete the consultant daily log and inspection sheets at the completion of each shift.
  2. Remain within 100% compliance with my SFA, CPR, and PDT certifications (you will not be scheduled if certifications expire).
  3. Complete and initial checklists and equipment inspections, report any out of order equipment or equipment cleaning concerns on Recnet. Tend to any accidents or incidents, record any and all information that is important, and take headcounts every half hour and document them properly.
  4. Help participants through inquiring about music preference and volume, T.V. programming, spotting, and form corrections. Check IDs and greet participants at the School of Public Health-Bloomington.
  5. Participate in periodic written and practical assessments to determine if consultants know the basics of equipment operation, exercise technique, safety procedures, and relational service. Consultants must successfully complete all assessments to continue employment in the Fitness/Wellness program.
  6. Arrive on time, work your entire shift, make sure there is always a consultant/s on the floor before you leave and attend all mandatory meeting and training sessions.
  7. Every consultant must work one holiday during the year (i.e. Spring Break, Christmas Break, Thanksgiving Break).
  8. If you are sick you must call the Graduate Assistant or Assistant Director of Fitness Training at least 12 hours in advance and find a substitution for your shift. If you are unable to attend your shift or cover your shift you must provide a signed doctors notice explaining your absence.
  9. Enter all substitution shifts on the substitution system and call all other consultants on the phone list. Contact the Graduate Assistant or Assistant Director of Fitness Training at least 12 hours before your shift if you are unable to find a shift substitution.
  10. Participate in a mandatory 6-week training and pass the written examination with 80% or above.

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Personal Trainer

General Information: The responsibility of a Personal Trainer with Campus Recreational Sports Fitness/Wellness program is to provide a comprehensive one-on-one educational fitness program. Promoting lifelong adherence to a health and fitness program through realistic goal setting and education is the purpose of the Personal Training program. A major goal is to produce independent exercisers by providing them in-depth information on equipment usage, lifestyle management, and ultimately, how to design their own personal fitness program. The major aspects of the personal training program include:

  • Personal attention during all sessions
  • Monitoring progress via fitness assessments and program tracking
  • Access to all resources within Campus Recreational Sports
  • Appropriate program design which assists clients in reaching their goals
Specific Responsibilities:
  1. Each trainer is responsible for client tracking paperwork.
  2. Attend all in-service trainings and meetings.
  3. Accurately record client training sessions for payment purposes.
  4. Communicate client program progress and/or problems with the Fitness/Wellness Program Director and/or the Personal Training Program Assistant.
  5. Take pride in each and every client, assisting him or her in every way possible.
  6. Conduct personal training sessions within the policies and guidelines established by Recreational Sports.
  7. Be punctual and conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  8. Seek client feedback continuously.
  9. Check email at least twice daily for assignment of new clients & contact him or her within two business days of assignment.
  10. Successfully complete and update CPR, SFA and PDT training.
  11. Maintain certification through on-going continuing education.
Periodic Duties:
  1. Review risk management and emergency procedures established by Recreational Sports.
  2. Participate in training of Strength & Conditioning Consultants.
  3. Represent the Fitness/Wellness program and the organization on an as-needed basis.
  4. Perform other duties as assigned by the Fitness/Wellness Program Director.
All trainers possess at least a bachelor's degree in a health-related field or national certification. Trainers without either must acquire a certification within six months of their hire date. Dependent upon experience, some candidates may also need to successfully complete a practical exam with the Fitness/Wellness Program Director and Assistant Directors. Certification will be from one of three organizations - ACE, ACSM, or NSCA.