Club Sports Federation

All Indiana University recognized student organizations which are sport related and represent Indiana University in competition must be a member of the Club Sports Federation (CSF). The Federation is an organization comprised of a representative from each of the Club Sports. The Federation is governed by its membership and helps to further club development. The process for an organization to become a part of the Club Sport Federation is as follows:

1. Meet with the Assistant Director of Club Sports to discuss requirements and expectations of joining the Club Sports Federation. Campus Recreational Sports will review the requirements submitted and determine approval based on factors such as risk of the sport, philosophy of the club, and resources to support the club. Once approved by Recreational Sports, the club sport can continue with the acceptance process for the Club Sports Federation.

2. Submit a written constitution to the CSF Executive Committee, which justifies the organization's existence to HPER 290.

3. At a CSF meeting, the organizers present their proposal to be admitted to the CSF. The proposed organization will then need to be approved by a two-thirds vote of the CSF.

4. Upon acceptance by the Federation and Campus Recreational Sports, the club sport will be recommended to Student Life and Learning as a University Student Organization.

5. For more detailed description of the process, please go to the CSF Constitution.

Eligibility/Membership (of each Club Sport)

A. Membership in any Club Sport is open to all IU Students, faculty, staff, and community members without regard to skill level. IUB students must comprise at least 51% of the club's members. ONLY CURRENT FULL-TIME STUDENT MEMBERS may vote on club matters.

B. Clubs are not allowed to "cut" students interested in becoming a member of that club or hold tryouts for membership into the club.

C. All club members must keep their IU ID card/RS membership card with them while participating in club sport events and practices.


A. Each club is to have at least one officer meeting per month during the academic year and during the summer (if active).

B. Each club should have at least one meeting for general membership per semester. This general meeting does not include "call-out" type meetings to rally membership.

July 15 - 19 CBAC Closed

July 17 Dive-In Movie, Outdoor Pool, 9:30PM