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Other Important Parking Information

Parking Permit Information

  • F permits from parking operations are $27.40 per semester available to students, faculty, and the public.
  • Parking Tickets are $50 through Indiana University – One ticket costs almost twice as much as a parking pass.
  • Passes will be available for purchase at the Member Services desk.

Swim Lessons participants
Swim Lesson participants will receive parking hangtags that will allow them to park in the lot on the day of their lesson for a 4-week period. The hangtag will be given to Swim Lessons participants upon registration. The Member Service staff will indicate the valid dates on the parking pass.

IU Diving Club
Participants of the Diving Clubs, possessing an IU parking permit, will receive 2 hours free parking with a validated parking ticket. Tickets are validated using the machine in the CBAC and writing, “Dive club” on the back of the ticket. Participants who do not have permits with the university may also park in this facility for the fee set below. Participants that are required to stay more than the 2-hour limit will need to have tickets signed by the coach in charge of the club.

Validation Machine Locations

Validation Machine
Validation machines are located at three locations in the SRSC. The machines will stamp Participant, Employee or Aquatics on the ticket. The validation machines are placed at ADA appropriate heights and locations.

Facility Users
Tickets for facility users are validated at the validation machine located directly in front of the SRSC day lockers in the SRSC atrium. The validation machine is accompanied by instructions on how to validate parking and instructional pamphlets for future reference.

Aquatic Users
Tickets for aquatic users are validated at the machine located on the southwest side of the dive well.

Hourly Employee
The hourly employee validation machine is located in the SRSC 115 workroom on the wall next to the door. Employees may validate either when they clock in or out.

Aquatic Coaches, Aquatic Varsity Athletes, Dive Club, Athletic Trainers
A validation machine for coaches will be installed in the CBAC area.