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Leader Bios

Stephanie Bennett
Mary Lou Iauco-Bewley
Dan Cheeseman
Rose Hagood

Devin McGuire
Joellan Muyskens-Chang
Ann Polsgrove
Emma Shansky

Stephanie Bennett Stephanie Bennett has been leading hatha yoga for RS since 2006. She has been practicing yoga for 12 years, is working to complete her R.Y.T. through the Yoga Alliance, and is certified through Yogafit. Stephanie’s background in ballet, jazz, and modern dance has helped to shape her approach to teaching yoga, but most importantly, she strives to create a welcoming environment where her participants can be challenged, have fun, and relieve stress.
Mary Lou Iouco-Bewley Mary Lou Iauco-Bewley received her Pilates Matwork Certification from the IU HPER Department under the direction of instructor Emily Bogard. Her background of employment at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, IU Musical Arts Center, Idyllwild Arts Foundation and Interlochen Center for the Arts influences her creativity when leading Pilates. Her sessions take a sincere focus on the goals of the individual exercises and movement patterns, while also concentrating on breath patterns and postural alignment.
Dan L. Cheeseman Dan L. Cheeseman received his Yoga Teacher Training from the Integral Yoga Institute of Buckingham, VA. He has been teaching for 35 years and has more than 7,400 contact hours as a yoga instructor. His style emphasizes a meditative focus while practicing a traditional blend of asanas (postures), Yogic breathing and relaxation.
Rose Hagood Rose Hagood has been studying yoga for eight years and received a 265 hour yoga teacher certification in contemplative hatha yoga from Prana Yoga and Ayurveda Mandala Training Center while living in Denver. Now a graduate student in art education at IU, her sessions focus on body and breath awareness through a variety of yoga postures. She loves being able to share her practice of yoga and offers many adaptations and variations to provide participants with an experience that is as gentle or as challenging as they need.
Devin McGuire Devin McGuire, R.Y.T., R.Y.T. began his studies of yoga at IU in 1979. He is currently practicing Viniyoga which focuses on movement of the spine as it functions with the breath to increase strength, flexibility, structural alignment, physiological function, and mental wellbeing. Devin has studied this methodology of Yoga under the tutelage of Gary Kraftsow, K. Desikachar, Srivatsa Ramaswami, and AG Mohan since 2000. He has facilitated group sessions with IU Recreational Sports since 1997 and is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Joellan Muyskens-Changr Joellan Muyskens-Chang is the Assistant Director for mind body and group exercise here at RS. She has an MS in Movement Sciences and holds fitness certifications from ACSM and AFAA. Joellan has an extensive background in music and movement, which has also included coaching and teaching in a variety of disciplines. Outside of her overwhelming passion for helping others achieve their fitness goals and find the fun in being physically active, Joellan has a deep interest in the many other dimensions of wellness that contribute to overall health.
Ann Polsgrove Ann Polsgrove began practicing yoga in 1994 and began teaching in 1997. She was certified by the Yoga Alliance in 2000. Ann’s Power Yoga session follows the Vinyasa-style flow and focuses on breath-synchronized movements that help to generate beneficial heat. Ann received her instructor training in Pilates from im=X pilates in 2001.
Emma Shansky Emma Shansky loved to dance and move her entire life, but had decided on a career in Chemistry. After spending two years in the PhD program in Chemistry at IU, she realized her passion for movement was not just a hobby, but a necessary part of her life. This discovery led her to quit school and begin performing and teaching dance again, as well as becoming a certified Pilates instructor and undergoing Yoga teacher training. She now has a new career teaching dance, Pilates, and Yoga and loves to find creative ways to blend these methods.