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Join a Club Sport
With one of the largest club sports program in the country, Campus Recreational Sports provides oversight and guidance to the Club Sports Federation in offering more than 40 club sports ranging from martial arts to dance clubs to popular sports. The Club Sports program provides a variety of opportunities for students to learn a new sport, make friends, keep fit and compete against other university clubs or varsity teams. Club Sports conduct demonstrations, host seminars and compete in regional and national championships.


Who can join?

Club sports are organized by students; however, membership is open to the public as well. IU faculty, staff and the Bloomington community are welcome to join or coach a club as long as IU students comprise the majority of the club’s membership. IU faculty and staff may also serve as advisors to a club.

Club Sports are open to all participants, regardless of skill, ability or experience. Club Sports are not allowed to cut players from the club. Due to limited resources and other logistics, some Club Sports may have tryouts to determine a competitive or travel squad.  Contact the club president for more information on joining a club. Please report clubs that are restricting club membership due to skill level.  E-mail or call 812.855.2371 to let us know

Do I have to tryout?

Each club sport is open to all participants, regardless of skill, ability or experience. Club sports are not allowed to hold tryouts or “cut players” from the club. Should this occur, the Campus Recreational Sports staff wants to know! Please e-mail [email protected] or call 812.855.2371 to let us know.

How do I contact a club?

A current contact person for each club is listed under each club. Just e-mail or call that person and they will assist you in becoming a member of that club. Get contact information from the web.

Where do club sports meet?

With such a variety of clubs, practices are held in several different locations. Indoor club sports use gyms in the SRSC and SPHB Buildings, while many outdoor clubs use Woodlawn Field (adjacent to the SPHB Building), the Evan Williams Club Sport Field and the Recreational Sports Field Complex. Several club sports practice and hold events off campus.

How much does it cost?

Each individual club sport determines whether membership dues will be assessed; and if so, how much they will be.

How are new club sports formed?

To start a new club or re-activate an inactive club, the Assistant Director of Club Sports and Intramural Sports can assist you! Just set up a time to learn about the process by calling 812.855.2371 or e-mail [email protected].

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