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Attire and Safety


Strength and Conditioning

  • Athletic shoes covering the entire foot must be worn at all times. Open-toed and open-heeled shoes and sandals are not permitted.

  • Workout clothes that fully cover the chest must be worn. Shirts are required at all times. JEANS ARE NOT PERMITTED.


  • No street shoes are permitted on the deck.

  • Swimsuits are required. No cut-offs, gym shorts or other attire is allowed. Changing clothes on deck is prohibited.

HPER and SRSC Gymnasium

  • Only non-marking gym shoes will be allowed on the courts.


Statement of Responsibility

Neither Indiana University nor Campus Recreational Sports(RS) accepts any responsibility for ill health or injury sustained while participating in any of the programs. No medical or ambulance expense incurred by a participant will be paid by Campus Recreational Sports or by the University. Participation is on a voluntary basis. It is recommended that all participants undergo a prior physical examination and carry some form of health and injury insurance. If an injury does occur, it should be reported to the nearest Recreational Sports staff member. In the event that blood is involved in an injury, that person cannot continue to participate until the wound is properly cleaned and dressed; any clothing with blood should be removed.

Strength & Conditioning Room


  • Safe and proper use of equipment is required at all times. If you are unsure how to use a piece of equipment, please ask a Strength and Conditioning Consultant. PLEASE DO NOT DROP WEIGHTS.


  • Lifeguards will make final decisions concerning the safety of all participants in the pool area.

  • Running, rough play, intoxication, and profanity are prohibited.

  • Only one bounce per dive is allowed on the springboards. There are no practice bounces allowed. No gymnastic activity (i.e. cartwheel or head and hand stands). Diving board and platform participants must leave the board/platform facing the water. Backward and inward dives are not permitted.

  • In the event of an injury, accident, or you are not feeling well, please notify a lifeguard immediately.

HPER and SRSC Gymnasium

  • Please keep the curtains drawn as a safety precaution to keep balls and participants from interfering with participants on the indoor track.

  • Gym bags and book bags must be secured in a rental or day-use locker.